Hermes has a mini skateboard

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Wondering how it feels to skate in the Hermes world?
Check out the video. Luxury skating…Nice!

Who's the star?

What does a model need?

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Not much I guess.
It is early at the studio and we are getting ready for a long day shoot. First move; grab a coffee and anything delicious on the table. Then, back to the rack of clothes to look at what will be the challenge of the day. Stop by make up to chat a little and could help taking a picture of the essentials of our model. A coffee, a blackberry and a very interesting novel! What else do you need?

All about love and coffee

Pink buzz

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Have you met anyone wearing Versace for H&M yet?
I did. Meet Jake Hammel. We had a great time at Factory PR during the Mango presentation. He gave me a very good twitter lesson. I still need practice. He has something for colors. I love his Versace H&M shoes matching his pocket square. Life has to be fun so is fashion!

Mango necklaces. On my list!

Hi Jake!

More yummi accessories

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It’s a toy, it’s a candy,
No, it’s a fashion accessory!
I am having so much fun with the new Spring 2012 collections. On a fashion shoot for Marie Claire with Angela Lindvall, I am totally in love with Dolce, Prada and Chanel. Yikes, I better start saving!

I want them all

DLK DNM likes it high

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Very high, the waist for the new jeans.
It was another fun party at the store. Every one tried a pair, drank some champagne and left happy with a new DLK DNM idem. I got the number 6 jeans in black. Sort of a Marilyn Monroe’s jeans from the 50’s reinvented for today. Sound strange but has to be tried. Once squeezed in , nothing moves, perfect to keep a flat stomach.

I also wanted to steal Johan's jacket

Denim all the way

Fake for fun

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Some days, styling is like playing with Barbie dolls.
I had so many crystals, rhinestones jewels and shiny dresses that I kept adding as much as I could. More shine, more fun. I love the idea of pilling 3 or 4 of theses necklaces together. What’s wrong about looking like a Barbie once in a while?

Let it shine

The Barbies

Who likes false advertising?

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I think some people do.
One of my most requested styling trick is this weird thing nicknamed chicken cotelettes. The best ones are found at Victoria Secret. Doubled with a patted bra, it’s impressive. That’s good for pictures but what happens when it’s time to get naked. Better not let them fall on the floor; they make a terrible floppy noise. I would say, a good thing to show off but to avoid on a date. Maybe?

little push up

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