Rain and Bicycle

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New York is so quiet.
Best time ever to use the bike before the rain start pouring. Good time to use my little Prada rain jacket.

Where is the rain?

A Chanel watch and A Mermaid

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Two dreams.
The first one I wore for a day and the driving test has been totally positive. This is a beautiful watch, I’ve been looking at the time more than I should and it is a diving watch. Which take me to a little girl’s dream; being a mermaid. It didn’t happen to me yet but I found one. Hannah is a professional mermaid, pretty cool.

Very blue

Black and blue

A colorful Wedding

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I had a very colorful weekend.
My friends Mona and Andrew got married. It was a Jewish Indian ceremony, 2 fascinating days of fun. My first weeding in the States! It was great to see how they managed to mix their two different heritages.
I was just trying to mix the right colors of my outfit. I wore a dark green dress from Alexander Wang, Balenciaga shoes, and a very purple nail polish on my toes.

Just married

purple, why not!

Kiss in the air

A Producer for Christmas

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Fashion is always working on the next season.
So that means shooting fur coats on a hot summer day and bathing suits when it snows, or playing with Christmas lights in August.
That didn’t seem to bother our producer, Cristine who was untangling beautifully while we were shooting.
Didn’t I promised myself to start writing my Christmas cards in August so I may actually be on time to send them this year? Hard task!

Is it Christmas yet?

Christmas?Not yet!

fashion Assistants, Stylish Movers

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We just finished a job,
Packing, unpacking, packing again, and big giant bags to carry. Yes, sometimes, fashion assistant can be a glamorous job, but very often, it is very close to a movers’ job. Few tricks whenever possible: pack with the bags on a bed so you don’t bend over, better go with few little bags than one very full suitcase and never refuse help from a stranger.

Hannah in the truck


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We come in all shapes and heights,
Tiiu Kuik is 6’2 so when you put some high heels shoes on her feet, you can end up with an unusual picture and very interesting looks from people on the street.

Tiiu and Koray

Pineapple portrait

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Let’s enjoy the summer,
a nice pineapple drink in hand, music and few good friends.


Back in town

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Back in the city
Where can I go to find a place that looks like away somewhere?
The roof of the Soho House. Just closer to the sky.


Shattered Mirror

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Some things are really annoying,
Like going to take your car in the morning and find out that someone or something smashed into it. That’s what happened to me this morning, not even a little “I am sorry”note. When I check the mirror of my rental car, It looks like what you see in a kaleidoscope. Pretty but not very efficient. The only good thing is that I paid with my Amex Platinium and it is all covered without paying a dime. Ouf!



Away From Medusas

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Safe in the Pool
And for the ones who don’t like sunscreens, stay between the floating mattresses. If you get to close to a medusa, I learned that it is best to use shaving cream and a razor an shave the wound. Weird! I didn’t try yet but it sound better than urinating on the jellyfish sting.

Just floating

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