How to tie a tie!

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Backstage at a fashion show,
Last minute tie to do. You just have to come up with what makes sense for you.
Sometimes… I am not sure!

fashion is complicated sometimes

Brioches in Brooklyn

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Fashion can take you to exotic places.
Like Brooklyn…. We were shooting the new collection of Alice Ritter and stopped for a quick lunch in some adorable bakery that reminded me the one of a little French village. Everything tasted so good, they even make their own butter. The Bakeri, 150 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn NY 11211.Worth the trip!



Guess who arrived too early!

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We had a surprise on a Neiman Marcus shoot.
Santa Claus showed up. I forgot,we were shooting christmas. The pretty model with her beautiful Givenchy suit got kicked out of the set and Santa took the pose.


Bill Cunningham

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Bill is our favorite photographer,
He has been part of fashion week since I started, the shows wouldn’t be the same without him. It’s always interesting to hear what he thinks about the collections or just people on the street in general, his number one subject. I love the documentary on his life or just checking out his videos on the New York Times site. Bill and his bicycle, it’s a blue one, like the jacket he wears like a uniform, always the same. There is something reassuring about him maybe that fashion is not always about the new thing.

The man in blue

Pantone colors

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What’s your favorite color?
The Pantone website has all theses fun interviews about people and their favorite colors. I was able to play too. Navy is probably the one. Why? It can’t be from the pleaded skirt my mother forced me to wear when you were going to visit family. It is just way chicer than black.

which color?

Where is the show?

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In case you didn’t know already!
It is fashion week. More and more, it reminds me of carnival. Personal style seems to be slowly killing the trends and sometimes it can be stronger than what you see on the runway. Not always better but certainly entertaining…

Bryanboy. Can't miss him...

BCBG beautiful back

Labor Day Camping

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Just back from camping,
nothing too fashion. No chanel sleeping bag. I usually like to bring my down cover so it looks more like a bed! No shower,no make up! I feel ready for fashion week now!

The wild

Topless not allowed

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No discrimination.
In Deauville, France, even men are not allowed to go topless. Really? Who came up with that sign? On the phone next to the sign is my mum. Hi Mum! She loves her cashmere sweaters from Loro Piana or Adrienne Vittadini , the Hermes scarf like many Frenchies from Hermes and always a shoulder bag so her hands are free.

Strange sign

Shoes and Organization

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I am not a real estate agent,
but I end up in a lot of personal closets. It is always interesting to see how everyone organizes differently. Yesterday, I was in the middle of many pairs of shoes, it could have been a mini disaster but they were all nicely resting in their little plexiglass rooms. Clean, user friendly, one of the smartest way to organize a shoe closet in the house of a very smart woman, of course.


Hair tricks

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I’ve seen many sort of hair rollers.
Herve is a very talented hairdresser and he uses brushes.
I love the look of it. Shannan looks like a princess from a magic tribe.


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