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Front row at the shows,
We used to have the “classic” photographer with a camera and tons of films, or just editors drawing on pretty notebooks.
It is a little different now. Thanks to Bill Cunningham, there is still the “classic” eye but now we must add the Ipad photographer, the Iphone photographer, some people twitting or just texting,… Choose your weapon.


Celebrity feet

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We all lost it for the pink panther slippers.
Sometimes Louboutin can’t compete. We had a general meltdown over something un-expected, a pair of pink stuffed animals slippers. We were shooting Julianne Moore for French Elle and we asked Sun Studio for some slippers that she could wear during hair and make up. They usually are the boring useful kind, white thing you find in hotel rooms.
That’s the only thing she requested after the shoot, could I keep the pink slippers? Of course!

watch out Louboutin!

so pink, so cute

What does a model need?

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Not much I guess.
It is early at the studio and we are getting ready for a long day shoot. First move; grab a coffee and anything delicious on the table. Then, back to the rack of clothes to look at what will be the challenge of the day. Stop by make up to chat a little and could help taking a picture of the essentials of our model. A coffee, a blackberry and a very interesting novel! What else do you need?

All about love and coffee

Who likes false advertising?

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I think some people do.
One of my most requested styling trick is this weird thing nicknamed chicken cotelettes. The best ones are found at Victoria Secret. Doubled with a patted bra, it’s impressive. That’s good for pictures but what happens when it’s time to get naked. Better not let them fall on the floor; they make a terrible floppy noise. I would say, a good thing to show off but to avoid on a date. Maybe?

little push up

Charming Charms

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I always loved charms.
In the trends of big necklaces, they shouldn’t be forgotten. Mine comes from family, friends, vintage stores or trendy ones, they all have a little story, the one from my dad’s birth, the Turkish eyes with a missing eye or the little blue virgin Mary given by a friend for protection. They stay hidden in my bag, on my key chains or on a very thin gold chain around the neck. And I just re discovered Annina Vogel necklaces, it is a lot about charms.

Serge, Jane and some necklaces

Little collection of medals

Cool prints

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So many prints here and there,
Doo ri played with faces and made this very cool print for her new collection. I love it.

Emma and the print


Enter here and follow the Dior games

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Art, beauty, fashion, video games,…
Isn’t it fun when it is all mixed together?
Anselm Reyle, an artist who is famous for his large-scale abstract paintings and found-object sculptures using trashy, glitzy materials and colors, played with Make-up Dior, for a limited edition. I specially love the electric blue nail polish. All the neon metallic colors will be perfect for the summer. We may have to fly to Miami to get the bags from this special edition but the video is really cool, it made want to play pac-man again.

To get at Miami art basel


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It is white, bronze and flat at Chanel.
White for the set and most of the clothes, bronze the nail polish we got at the show and flat for the shoes. Sandals at Valentino too…..Does that mean the end of theses painful ultra high plateforms we’ve been suffering in lately? They won’t disappear but I’ve seen a lot of sandals and ballet flats around here. Yes!

Flats, flats, flats

Where is Bill going?

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Is it is the end of the Chloe fashion show,
And I see our favorite photographer, Bill Cunninhgam with his camera. Where is he going? I guess he got bored of the usual fashion crowd and had to take a break, The Jardin des Tuileries in Paris has beautiful merry-go-round. A fresh breath from the shows.

Where is he running?

It is not always about the runway.


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On my way to Paris. A glass of wine before the flight helps to sleep. The French couple next to me were confused about the tip. Can we come up with the same electric plugs and same tips internationally? pleeeeeaaase!


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