A balloon in the hair

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One more beauty trick.
I’ve been around for a while but I’ve never seen a balloon replacing a brush before. Sometimes, it is about doing the wrong thing. Ryoji gave Katya a cute devilish look by bringing a lot of static electricity. If you want to pull your hair back with a twist, easy… a balloon and some hairspray. It’s totally electric!


it's flying...


Fake for fun

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Some days, styling is like playing with Barbie dolls.
I had so many crystals, rhinestones jewels and shiny dresses that I kept adding as much as I could. More shine, more fun. I love the idea of pilling 3 or 4 of theses necklaces together. What’s wrong about looking like a Barbie once in a while?

Let it shine

The Barbies

Model tricks

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I love to hear everyone’s little tricks on shoots.
One of the big problem when you are on a boat is to avoid ending up looking like a cooked lobster at the end of the day. Of course, there is all the powerful sunscreens, heavy white creams like war paints. Not great if you are modeling… Josiah had the magic trick, a powder from Peter Thomas Roth. It’s a good one to know. What else from male model? Preparation H for the bags under the eyes if you party too much the night before. I know! Weird. But it works…

Don't forget the sun

sailing away

Dior in Malibu

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A Dior day at the beach.
Brad, my favorite producer sweep the sand, Sandrine and Jerome make faces for the camera and we are getting ready to shoot some beautiful pictures of Sharon Stone. I did try the magic cream she sells so well, capture totale and it seems to work. Maybe it is time for me to start using good beauty products!

Lace and pearls

Brad sweeping the beach


The Classics in Beauty

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It must be good,
I keep running into them on every shoots. I am taking about the Embryolisse creme, multi tasked, to use as a light make up remover or as a day cream. The second one is Bioderma crealineH2O, that’s a great make up remover. They won’t be found in every corner stores but they are worst the search. I order on line…

The usual suspects

How many hours of make up and hair in a model's life?

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