Spiky dress

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Still feeling the punk attitude?
I guess it is part of our urban warrior wardrobe.
Do it yourself and bring anything to Star snaps or break the piggy bank and try the watch Medor from Hermes. Chic punk, 2 funny words together, they could start a fight.

to touch with care

Just a classic


Jewels like candies

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Some days it is not about clothes, shoes or bags,
It is about little or big shiny stuff. Jewelry…..
Mixing works when I overload, I call it the Christmas tree move. My old Rolex explorer, a string bracelet bought in a market in Massachusetts, few little necklaces, a vintage ring from Ira Scheck‘s store (Is it Ali Baba’s cave?) and I just have to pair it with a jean and T-shirt, my favorite uniform.

Jewelry is fun

Cool Shoes

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Feiyue, it means flying forward in Chinese.
One of the oldest Chinese brand for shoes, that was taken over by the French not too long ago. They had a fun event yesterday, a flash mob and some beautiful portraits taken in a truck.

The flash mob

Shoes born in 1920

Sarah in the truck

Shoes and Organization

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I am not a real estate agent,
but I end up in a lot of personal closets. It is always interesting to see how everyone organizes differently. Yesterday, I was in the middle of many pairs of shoes, it could have been a mini disaster but they were all nicely resting in their little plexiglass rooms. Clean, user friendly, one of the smartest way to organize a shoe closet in the house of a very smart woman, of course.


Refinery 29

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My fall accessory story ran this morning on Refinery 29.
Featuring the rubber boots from Vuitton. That was a nice surprise. I really like them, they make me think that perhaps the end of summer is not so sad. We just need a little shopping.

Vuitton for the rain

Resort and more colors

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We better be tan in January,
when all theses strong colors will hit the stores. Well, we don’t have to go too crazy and mix them all. It will be a very nice touch to mix something bright with black or white. Let’s not forget accessories, Michael Kors has the perfect shoes.

Never enough clothes

A Chanel watch and A Mermaid

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Two dreams.
The first one I wore for a day and the driving test has been totally positive. This is a beautiful watch, I’ve been looking at the time more than I should and it is a diving watch. Which take me to a little girl’s dream; being a mermaid. It didn’t happen to me yet but I found one. Hannah is a professional mermaid, pretty cool.

Very blue

Black and blue

Dior necklaces for resort

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Unpacking all the jewelry for my shoot today.
Dior send us theses beautiful necklaces made of glass and real stones. Little pieces of art, they have a happy tribal feel that will be bring a special touch to any of the looks. Can’t wait to start shooting.


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I am ready to jump in a plane.
Only one day in LA, the luxury is to fly without luggage. It’s been a while since I used a backpack. My favorites are the Prada ones.
They are chic and practical. Kiki seems to agree.

I wish that was LA...

Kiki in a backpack

Funny Bag

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Meet My Funny Bag.
It’s been a while since I wanted a new bag but I am very picky. I usually like the classics expensive, YSL,Chanel,Dior, Celine Hermes, Fendi…. They have to look good and be practical. I always carry big bags, clothes, shoes, dogs, always in need of an extra hand; the shoulder strap is a must. Can’t be too big either but roomy. Well, I found a winner; this cute Alexander Wang in a grey color that will go with most of my clothes. What does it take to make a girl happy? Not that much….

My new bag has two eyes

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