A giant closet.

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My job is to navigate in a giant closet!
I’ll get to try lots of clothes. And it is fun. Today, I spend the day with Alice Ritter. The pajama pants are fun and very comfortable, direct on my summer list. A good pair of sunglasses from Selima optique, a sexy pair of heels,.. I am so not ready for winter….

My summer look

A weird little fish

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Lots of ocean inspiration for our next spring,
And I found a very cute little fish in the Kara Ross collection. I couldn’t resist him. Next to the Seashell bag from Chanel. We are just missing the mermaid.

A fish in a ring

Can you hear the waves?

Charming Charms

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I always loved charms.
In the trends of big necklaces, they shouldn’t be forgotten. Mine comes from family, friends, vintage stores or trendy ones, they all have a little story, the one from my dad’s birth, the Turkish eyes with a missing eye or the little blue virgin Mary given by a friend for protection. They stay hidden in my bag, on my key chains or on a very thin gold chain around the neck. And I just re discovered Annina Vogel necklaces, it is a lot about charms.

Serge, Jane and some necklaces

Little collection of medals

S like Sensual, Sexy and Solange

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It’s been on style.com for days
but I finally opened Daydream, the short film by Sam Taylor Wood and it was a nice break in the day. The music, the images, it’s beautiful. I didn’t really need any more help to love jewelry…. Too late.

Liberty in gold

Cool prints

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So many prints here and there,
Doo ri played with faces and made this very cool print for her new collection. I love it.

Emma and the print


A dress or few dots

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It was hidden
under a really cool oversized tuxedo jacket at Stella McCartney. We used it on a 60’s fashion story with Anna Faris. Perfect for a shoot but a little revealing. Maybe the jacket on top wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Look 36 from Fall

Anna in dots

What about a high top sneaker?

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I think I am ready.
It is time for a pair of sneakers. Louboutin take a break.
But which ones? A strong color can be deadly. I like the idea of making my own. The NikeID thing sound pretty cool. I can even have my name on them. Fun!

Just a little too yellow

As long as I don't go wrong with sizes...

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