Brioches in Brooklyn

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Fashion can take you to exotic places.
Like Brooklyn…. We were shooting the new collection of Alice Ritter and stopped for a quick lunch in some adorable bakery that reminded me the one of a little French village. Everything tasted so good, they even make their own butter. The Bakeri, 150 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn NY 11211.Worth the trip!



Guess who arrived too early!

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We had a surprise on a Neiman Marcus shoot.
Santa Claus showed up. I forgot,we were shooting christmas. The pretty model with her beautiful Givenchy suit got kicked out of the set and Santa took the pose.


Katie’s Barbie

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I found a Barbie.
Katie Ermilio makes beautiful dresses. It is always very feminine, well tailored, classic but sexy. Last time I used one of her dress was for Gretchen Moll at the Premiere of Boardwalk Empire, she looked very good, I like to see actresses wear young designers on the red carpet.

No, it's not Barbie

Fashion Fairy Tale

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I didn’t totally grow up yet.
I still love fairy tales. With Diego Binetti‘s presentation, I am in my element. His dresses are made from vintage and so is the jewelry. There is something magic about vintage. Aside the green factor you know you are wearing something unique. Can’t be closer to personal style!

Butterfly Girl

Princesse in white

Bathing suit and sunglasses

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They go well together,
that’s probably why Anna Laub created Prism. It is a collection very graphic, simple with good colors. And it helps when it is presented at one of the most fun afternoon party of the week. Garance was snapping pictures of pretty girl; we had nice cocktails and the best mango Popsicle on top of the Standard Hotel.

Relaxing and modeling

Mango Popsicle

Bill Cunningham

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Bill is our favorite photographer,
He has been part of fashion week since I started, the shows wouldn’t be the same without him. It’s always interesting to hear what he thinks about the collections or just people on the street in general, his number one subject. I love the documentary on his life or just checking out his videos on the New York Times site. Bill and his bicycle, it’s a blue one, like the jacket he wears like a uniform, always the same. There is something reassuring about him maybe that fashion is not always about the new thing.

The man in blue

Missoni giant doll

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I always wondered
why this big mouse in front of the Standard hotel was covering his eyes. On that day, it could have been that Missoni installed a giant remote -control doll right in front of him. It was a funny oversize couple to watch.

KAWS's Mickey Mouse

The Missoni doll

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