Lily Cole

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A day with Lily in August, a cover in October.
Lily is an interesting girl, an actress, a successful model and still studying. Not sure how she manages all that. She was a good sport on that very hot and dusty day on a New York rooftop, climbing stairs on super high heels, changing between 2 bricks wall and few pigeons. She just made a quick stop for us and was ready to jump in a plane again, for some other adventures.

Higher and higher

Lily in Giambattista Valli


Spiky dress

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Still feeling the punk attitude?
I guess it is part of our urban warrior wardrobe.
Do it yourself and bring anything to Star snaps or break the piggy bank and try the watch Medor from Hermes. Chic punk, 2 funny words together, they could start a fight.

to touch with care

Just a classic

Jewels like candies

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Some days it is not about clothes, shoes or bags,
It is about little or big shiny stuff. Jewelry…..
Mixing works when I overload, I call it the Christmas tree move. My old Rolex explorer, a string bracelet bought in a market in Massachusetts, few little necklaces, a vintage ring from Ira Scheck‘s store (Is it Ali Baba’s cave?) and I just have to pair it with a jean and T-shirt, my favorite uniform.

Jewelry is fun

Different kind of shows

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Lots of fashion shows going on,
But in Marfa Texas, there is different kind of shows. It is all about art. And where there is art, Prada is never too far. I love this sculpture/store that you find in the middle of nowhere on the way to Marfa. They do have few things in the window. They got stolen after the installation was inaugurated, so now the new bags have no bottoms and hide a security system….It’s a fun stop and a picture.

Like a mirage

How to tie a tie!

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Backstage at a fashion show,
Last minute tie to do. You just have to come up with what makes sense for you.
Sometimes… I am not sure!

fashion is complicated sometimes

Dior in Malibu

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A Dior day at the beach.
Brad, my favorite producer sweep the sand, Sandrine and Jerome make faces for the camera and we are getting ready to shoot some beautiful pictures of Sharon Stone. I did try the magic cream she sells so well, capture totale and it seems to work. Maybe it is time for me to start using good beauty products!

Lace and pearls

Brad sweeping the beach



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As I am ready to watch some more shows,
I ran into a fun video about fashion in time. Fashion comes and goes, we love influence from other time, other places. It’s not a bad idea to keep some of our oldies or go vintage shopping.

Brad and Angelina by Steven Klein

Brioches in Brooklyn

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Fashion can take you to exotic places.
Like Brooklyn…. We were shooting the new collection of Alice Ritter and stopped for a quick lunch in some adorable bakery that reminded me the one of a little French village. Everything tasted so good, they even make their own butter. The Bakeri, 150 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn NY 11211.Worth the trip!



Guess who arrived too early!

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We had a surprise on a Neiman Marcus shoot.
Santa Claus showed up. I forgot,we were shooting christmas. The pretty model with her beautiful Givenchy suit got kicked out of the set and Santa took the pose.


Katie’s Barbie

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I found a Barbie.
Katie Ermilio makes beautiful dresses. It is always very feminine, well tailored, classic but sexy. Last time I used one of her dress was for Gretchen Moll at the Premiere of Boardwalk Empire, she looked very good, I like to see actresses wear young designers on the red carpet.

No, it's not Barbie

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