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We come in all shapes and heights,
Tiiu Kuik is 6’2 so when you put some high heels shoes on her feet, you can end up with an unusual picture and very interesting looks from people on the street.

Tiiu and Koray


Little trick to get in your shoes

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Feet can get quite swollen and sweaty.
Specially in the summer and even more if you are a model shooting fall clothing on a roof.
I couldn’t resist theses YSL patent leather wedges. The only way to squeeze in there,….Baby powder in the shoes and on the feet. It worked magic.


Pineapple portrait

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Let’s enjoy the summer,
a nice pineapple drink in hand, music and few good friends.


Mood Board

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Inspiration for photo shoots use to come from everything everywhere,
Now, they come from other pictures, mood boards. Editing pictures of what you will try to replicate without copying but just being inspired…. Oh well, at least, I rediscover beautiful pictures. I love how Ellen Von Unwerth photographs girls. Beautiful, fun and sexy.

High Heels vs Beach

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Of course barefoot wins,
but if you need some heels on the beach, only one way, wedges. Specially cork wedges or espadrilles style, no running is better.

Pretty colors

Some heels

Angela in Colors

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Colors are everywhere and probably for a while.
They were never really gone. I found this not so old picture of Angela by Gilles Bensimon for ELLE. It was a mix of Benetton knits that we shot it in Tulum.

Bird of paradise

15 Minutes

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Just Trying,
After many years watching people running on the west side highway at whatever hours of the day or whatever temperatures it would be outside, I decided to try (No, I didn’t make fun of them,but after seeing that blog on before and after jogging……) . First, it was nice and easy, like flying, until I stopped running. That’s when you start feeling the pain. I won’t say anything about the few steps I’ll have to use to go downstairs the next day. Ouch! Anyway, I’ll try to stick to it for a while and the dogs love it. Plus, a painful free work out, in only 15mn by myself, it’s worst it!!
Of course, I am totally prepared. Falke has the best gym clothes and I have my cute IPod shuffle all jeweled by Swarovski. It’s good to be a fashion victim.

Running with music

Moops and Kiki after jogging

Dots,The New Stripes

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They keep popping out everywhere.
I just shot a really cool pajama style pants from Elizabeth and James, ordered a sexy dots bathing suit from Charlie, and saw my friend Marie who did a great combination of denim and a Joomi Lim‘s necklace with it. It is an easy print to wear and it has a nice vintage feel. Let’s go dots. Thank you Marie!

Marie in dots

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