Luxury world

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First the view,
So beautiful in that little window. A nice part of going on showroom appointments is to discover special locations. I really liked Devi Kroell‘s offices and I loved the bags, shoes, boots. Expensive skins and fur…. Maybe one day…

New York in the window

I'll take the furry bag


Fashion and Customs

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Costume National didn’t make it.
Sometimes, we have to ship the looks from Europe and it gets stuck in customs. They miss the shoot. Like this black and white dress and very high leather shoes. Such a waste! The dress is in a teddy bear sort of fuzz, perfect for a cold chic and cozy winter. Kiki likes it a lot.

Kiki in Costume National

Men’s fashion

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An english man in New York.
My friend Gordon is always very stylish. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him in this really strange furniture. He has most of his suits handmade in London but if you want a great a nice personal taylor experience for a reasonable price, try J Crew special men’s stores.

Gordon in a printed sofa

Drawing of Gordon

Resort and more colors

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We better be tan in January,
when all theses strong colors will hit the stores. Well, we don’t have to go too crazy and mix them all. It will be a very nice touch to mix something bright with black or white. Let’s not forget accessories, Michael Kors has the perfect shoes.

Never enough clothes

A Fall Trend

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Starting to shoot resort,
I miss the Fall collections, at least it is still in the stores. I love that look that we shot for Harpers Bazaar Turkey. A pair of pants from Theyskens Theory, a shirt and a tie from The Row, a cashmere wrap from Devi Kroell. It is a nice mix of masculine and feminine, simple and chic. The jewelry is vintage but the watch is Cartier and the shoes Stella McCartney. Time to go shopping!

My favorite Fall look

it's all in the details

A Chanel watch and A Mermaid

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Two dreams.
The first one I wore for a day and the driving test has been totally positive. This is a beautiful watch, I’ve been looking at the time more than I should and it is a diving watch. Which take me to a little girl’s dream; being a mermaid. It didn’t happen to me yet but I found one. Hannah is a professional mermaid, pretty cool.

Very blue

Black and blue

Dior necklaces for resort

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Unpacking all the jewelry for my shoot today.
Dior send us theses beautiful necklaces made of glass and real stones. Little pieces of art, they have a happy tribal feel that will be bring a special touch to any of the looks. Can’t wait to start shooting.


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