15 Minutes

08.02.11 § Leave a comment

Just Trying,
After many years watching people running on the west side highway at whatever hours of the day or whatever temperatures it would be outside, I decided to try (No, I didn’t make fun of them,but after seeing that blog on before and after jogging……) . First, it was nice and easy, like flying, until I stopped running. That’s when you start feeling the pain. I won’t say anything about the few steps I’ll have to use to go downstairs the next day. Ouch! Anyway, I’ll try to stick to it for a while and the dogs love it. Plus, a painful free work out, in only 15mn by myself, it’s worst it!!
Of course, I am totally prepared. Falke has the best gym clothes and I have my cute IPod shuffle all jeweled by Swarovski. It’s good to be a fashion victim.

Running with music

Moops and Kiki after jogging


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