Who’s Raoul?

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How to keep track?
There is so many designers. Working for Neiman Marcus, I discovered a really pretty printed dress. On the rack with Dolce, Valentino and the usual suspects, I was surprised to discover a tag saying Raoul. I did a little research, it is a cool brand, the quality is very good and it is not too expensive. I’ll keep it in mind.

Etro printed dress on the phone

I like your print, Raoul


The Classics in Beauty

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It must be good,
I keep running into them on every shoots. I am taking about the Embryolisse creme, multi tasked, to use as a light make up remover or as a day cream. The second one is Bioderma crealineH2O, that’s a great make up remover. They won’t be found in every corner stores but they are worst the search. I order on line…

The usual suspects

How many hours of make up and hair in a model's life?

Hair tricks

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I’ve seen many sort of hair rollers.
Herve is a very talented hairdresser and he uses brushes.
I love the look of it. Shannan looks like a princess from a magic tribe.


Rain and Bicycle

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New York is so quiet.
Best time ever to use the bike before the rain start pouring. Good time to use my little Prada rain jacket.

Where is the rain?

A New Cover

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It’s out!
We just shot Tiiu for a cover few weeks ago at the Lambs Club in NY and it’s already there.
Very rewarding!
Hardly noticable, the bra is a must-have. It comes from LaPerla and I love that I don’t have to buy the smallest size with them. The dress is from Dries Van Noten, if you can ever visit his stores in Paris or Antwerp, don’t miss it.

Tiiu for the cover

At the Lambs Club

Getting ready for Fashion Week

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Few dresses on the rack,
ripping off magazines for inspiration pictures for hair and make up. We are taking about shoes, colors, locations,… It will be days of work for few minutes of show. Diego Binetti is getting ready for his fairy tale. I can’t wait to see more.

It's a start

The man at work

Refinery 29

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My fall accessory story ran this morning on Refinery 29.
Featuring the rubber boots from Vuitton. That was a nice surprise. I really like them, they make me think that perhaps the end of summer is not so sad. We just need a little shopping.

Vuitton for the rain

Luxury world

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First the view,
So beautiful in that little window. A nice part of going on showroom appointments is to discover special locations. I really liked Devi Kroell‘s offices and I loved the bags, shoes, boots. Expensive skins and fur…. Maybe one day…

New York in the window

I'll take the furry bag

Fashion and Customs

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Costume National didn’t make it.
Sometimes, we have to ship the looks from Europe and it gets stuck in customs. They miss the shoot. Like this black and white dress and very high leather shoes. Such a waste! The dress is in a teddy bear sort of fuzz, perfect for a cold chic and cozy winter. Kiki likes it a lot.

Kiki in Costume National

Men’s fashion

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An english man in New York.
My friend Gordon is always very stylish. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him in this really strange furniture. He has most of his suits handmade in London but if you want a great a nice personal taylor experience for a reasonable price, try J Crew special men’s stores.

Gordon in a printed sofa

Drawing of Gordon

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