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A Rare Sight,
The Magnolia Bakery without a line all around the corner. Maybe the heat? Or did they finally realize: They are not the best cupcakes. Only a “Sex and the city “tour. Not to be trusted.

The famous corner


The Perfume

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I’ve been wearing Eau d’orange verte and I love it.
It is fresh, I like the idea of a men or women scent, it won’t mark your skin if you go in the sun but… as I got used to it, I am losing the scent of it.
I found a happy solution. I put Russia from Santa Maria Novella on my wrists and the old one on my neck. It’s a very nice mixed and I can smell them both.

My two friends

Shelter Island

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Summer house, Friends and Good Food.
Magic words for July and all with colors. The print of the dresses, the color of the tablecloth, the color of the food in the plate. Pleasure of the eyes before you start eating, it makes a difference.

Pretty table

Prints and Colors

summer salad

7 Lives

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I am Learning Every days.
Specially about computers. My laptop died, I was half sad, half excited in the prospect of having to buy a new one. Until I discovered TeckServe. 24 hours later they put a new Hardrive in there, like a new heart. And my baby is back in service. In someways, I would have missed that one. We shared many things. Why do we always have to run for new,faster,better. It’s ok to slow down. No?

Apple and Kiki

Dream Hotels

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What Makes them so Special?
The little details that will make that hotel the only place you want to stay. What are they?
For me, somewhere not too big, with nice design that makes you feel like you are staying in a cool big house and not a hotel, a bed that doesn’t break your back, a duvet instead of sheets, a pool when it is a warm place, a friendly staff, an extra toothbrush (I always forget mine), and simple but good food.
My number one favorite is the Portixol in Palma, followed by the Sunset Marquis in LA, the ACE hotel in Palm Spring, the Soho in Miami,… It’s a long list, I love hotels.






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What I Love About Alice?
Aside from being a great designer, she laughs all the time, such a treat when you have a night out with her. Her new line Piplette just launched at Urban Outfitters. It’s very cute.

Hi, Alice!

Alice's bracelets

Moscot sunglasses

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I found an old pair of Gucci pants.
They are from one of the first collection done by Tom Ford. So happy I kept them!
They felt so new. Perfect to go to the party for the new Moscot sunglasses at the BLK DNM event.

At the party

A Dog Day

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I love bringing my dog on set.
And I am not the only one. When we are lucky enough, we get a nice portrait.

Puppy love

Catering on a Roof

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I always Loved Picnics.
How lucky, most of my meals during a photo shoot are sort of one. I took that picture on a roof, downtown Manhattan. It was a very hot day. It is very hard to control yourself on a free “all you can eat”buffet but you better or the rest of the day can be very hard.




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A Day in the Desert with Lily.
About one hour from L.A, there is a dry lake called El Mirage. I shot there many times but this story with Lily is one of my favorites. I still love the army inspired look and I’ve been trying to get that kind of hair since then, just messy enough. Marine Summer Hair from Fekkai helps and the famous surf spray from Bumble and Bumble.

Naughty or nice

Love the hair

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