Back in town

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Back in the city
Where can I go to find a place that looks like away somewhere?
The roof of the Soho House. Just closer to the sky.



Shattered Mirror

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Some things are really annoying,
Like going to take your car in the morning and find out that someone or something smashed into it. That’s what happened to me this morning, not even a little “I am sorry”note. When I check the mirror of my rental car, It looks like what you see in a kaleidoscope. Pretty but not very efficient. The only good thing is that I paid with my Amex Platinium and it is all covered without paying a dime. Ouf!



Sneakers on a Sailboat

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In the past weeks,work send me to very “exotic” destinations,
Yonkers, New Jersey, Bronx.City Island is one of the Bronx destination I went to.We couldn’t get a yacht,but got lucky enough to get booked with Camille for Marie Claire and we spend the all day on a sailboat.
It was a fun day and Camille looked adorable. She is wearing the new coolest sneakers.They have an 60/70’s feel and they are super comfortable.I am not a big sneakers fan, Louboutin is usually my thing but I may change my mind for the Feiyue

camille and Feiyue

Nautical Very Chic

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Just before jumping in my yacht,
I would do a little shopping for the perfect outfit. It would be a pair of jeans from Theyskens’ Theory, a white t-shirt from Petit Bateau,a pair of turquoise boat shoes from Bottega Veneta and Silver Hermes cuffs (specially the little one!).
Ah! I just need the yacht now.


Isabella, Black and Gold

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Mini Micro Movie.
In fact,a TV commercial,in a suburban house very crowded with lots of equipment and a big team of people. I was styling the main actor who wanted his trailer for himself so we camped outside. Luckily, it is July and a beautiful day.
Isabella was helping me. She is interning at Marie Claire but they let her out for the day. She buys a lot from thrift store. I like her black and gold look.

Isabella on set

black and gold

Away From Medusas

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Safe in the Pool
And for the ones who don’t like sunscreens, stay between the floating mattresses. If you get to close to a medusa, I learned that it is best to use shaving cream and a razor an shave the wound. Weird! I didn’t try yet but it sound better than urinating on the jellyfish sting.

Just floating

Live to Ride

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Not everyone can drive a Harley Davidson.
But we can all jump on a scooter. It has a feel of Roman holidays. Take a map, a bathing suit and a helmet. It’s easy to rent for few days.Ok, my dog can run faster but I may have a chance on a downhill.

Two wheels for two

Live to Ride


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Just feel like hugging Jimmy today.

My son

Summer Fight

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I tried to escape the heat,
So I run to Shelter Island thinking, the beach, the breeze, the trees will help. They did. But why is it so hard to get everything perfect? I had to fight the mean horse fly bugs. They are so nasty.Trying to use the electric fly swatter… Can Dior make an insect repellent? Something more chic and with better smell than OFF?

I'll get them all


Just a Little More Fedora

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A Trend Can Last.
Long, very long…. For example, did we found anything better than a Fedora for the summer? It is small so fits easily in your bag, has a cool masculine/feminine look, is urban and good at the beach, and still looks good on if you are wearing sunglasses. I think it is slowly morphing into a classic.

Hide and seek

Fedora nest

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