Fairy Tales

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A Little Girl’s Dream.
Catherine Deneuve in Peau d’Âne making a cake in her beautiful dress. That’s what couture should be, always a fairy tale.


Click image to see Catherine Deneuve in Peau d'Âne

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Nail Colors

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Sun Calls For Colors

Lots of candy

Specially on my nails.

Nails or shoes?

Orange pedicure or orange shoes?

Like candy

Zoya has beautiful brights. I tried the pink on my toes and loved it.

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Lunch Break

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That was the best lunch break ever. On a shoot in LA with Jillian, Ali and Emma.  Just some sun….

Sun Bathing

Catching some rays

And by the way, can we talk sunscreen?
Cameron Diaz uses it when she goes surfing and on the red carpet. It protects and gives you perfect skin. Colorscience mineral makeup. No more shiny nose.

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I know. It looks a little bit like an alien from outer space, but it is just me. Sometimes, I can’t resist trying the clothes on.


Brights only

I am working on a color story for Marie Claire…. Brights only. They look so good together, like candy. The closet is a magic room full of clothes and accessories. At the end, if I get anything that’s bright, I will pair it with jeans (or I may get arrested by the fashion police).

The top is Calvin Klein, but what I really love is the little Jil Sander bag that I am holding tightly.

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In the World of Luxury.
A very important part of my job is to go to showrooms and see new collections. It is sort of a pre-shopping, just a tease. But it gives me ideas or envies and helps to create story ideas. The Chanel appointment is always a very chic treat.
There was a lot of bling this time. Diamonds, metallics, nothing to complain about. I love what shines.

Diamonds forever, flowers are nice too.

So chic with jeans and t-shirt

Gold and Silver

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Party and Shopping

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BLK DNM POP 1 Opening Party.
Nice music, drinks, pictures to be discovered in La Gazette. And a crush on a motorcycle jacket. I love them old, worn too much, under the rain, crushed and that one should aged pretty well.

The Jacket

The one

at the party

Gazette 1

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Great Tights

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Spotted some great tights last night on the Lower East Side. They look perfect with the mini skirt, the leather jacket and the hair back. She kept it simple except for the legs.  Even the driver in the car seems to like.

Great Tights

Night spotting

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Tea Party

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End of the day after a long photo shoot. What do we do? Just take more pictures. Underwater cameras are so much fun. The girl on the right is Tori Praver. She was our beautiful model for a story in Costa Rica and I discovered that she makes adorable mini bikinis: Tori Praver Swimwear

Tea Party

Tea in the pool

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Furry Glasses

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Tessa is my first intern. She is staying with me for a month before graduating from high school. Then, between two road trips to go see some crazy concerts, she may come back and help me again. One of her main task is to try things on. She was just test driving these cute furry Alexander Wang glasses – one of our favorite fall accessories.

Tessa in Alexander Wang

Tessa in Alexander Wang

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Colors, colors

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Noreen comes from Zurich, Switzerland for a day in bubblegum-land. Bright colors are good for the mood. D&G shoes are a keeper.

Noreen from Zurich

Noreen from Zürich

D&G sneakers

D&G sneakers

Colorful accessories


Noreen in pink

Pretty in pink

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