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Hotels Are the Best for Breakfast.
Chateau Marmont in LA has a very special pancake and I couldn’t resist taking a picture:



That same day we got a bunch of samples from Life Force V Energy Drink. Really! It wasn’t very good but we had to try it.

Energy drink for a good start

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Noir Et Blanc

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Or Black And White….
After all, these colors, black and white feel so right. It is the fun of fashion, going from one extreme to the other.

No more colors

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Sunday Job

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I don’t Love Working on Sundays.
But the last one was totally painless. We drove to the Yonkers and didn’t hit any traffic, arrived in a very beautiful garden where they had just cut some cedar tree so the smell was everywhere. We had lunch, shot few male dancers in tights. And that was it. Back home after a nice breath of fresh air. I should have worn my favorite item of the summer, the mini denim skirt. The girls did…. Next time….

lunch time

Lunch time

photo tools

photo tools

End of the day

End of the day

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Fairy Tales

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A Little Girl’s Dream.
Catherine Deneuve in Peau d’Âne making a cake in her beautiful dress. That’s what couture should be, always a fairy tale.


Click image to see Catherine Deneuve in Peau d'Âne

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Nail Colors

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Sun Calls For Colors

Lots of candy

Specially on my nails.

Nails or shoes?

Orange pedicure or orange shoes?

Like candy

Zoya has beautiful brights. I tried the pink on my toes and loved it.

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Lunch Break

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That was the best lunch break ever. On a shoot in LA with Jillian, Ali and Emma.  Just some sun….

Sun Bathing

Catching some rays

And by the way, can we talk sunscreen?
Cameron Diaz uses it when she goes surfing and on the red carpet. It protects and gives you perfect skin. Colorscience mineral makeup. No more shiny nose.

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I know. It looks a little bit like an alien from outer space, but it is just me. Sometimes, I can’t resist trying the clothes on.


Brights only

I am working on a color story for Marie Claire…. Brights only. They look so good together, like candy. The closet is a magic room full of clothes and accessories. At the end, if I get anything that’s bright, I will pair it with jeans (or I may get arrested by the fashion police).

The top is Calvin Klein, but what I really love is the little Jil Sander bag that I am holding tightly.

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