Hermes at the Beach

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Bleached by the sun,
They are like little paintings. Each year new artists make beautiful designs. I love them at the beach and also in the house. Pareos can cover a chair; Scarfs can be sewn together to make cushions or framed like a photo.
When I get to a new hotel room, I nest. Part of nesting for me is to un-pack and throw Hermes scarfs on top of the lamps. It gives a pretty soft light as long as the bulb isn’t too strong. I haven’t set any rooms on fire yet!


Pretty colors


red and blue


Flying pareo


Or at home


Marine and Goyard

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Marine Dupre is my 19 year old niece who lives in Paris and came to Palma de Mallorca for a visit while she waits to hear if she got her baccalaureate before taking off for more vacations if she passes. Fingers crossed!
Her summer bag is a pretty blue Goyard with a bright orange stripe. She fills it up with many little pouches witch is very useful when it flips over on the beach.

Marine and Goyard

She got me!

Marine and Jimmy

Marine and Jimmy in the blue


Goyard upside down

Le Panier D’osier

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The Perfect Summer Bag.
It doesn’t mind the sand or the water, fits everything from your ipad to your beach towel, is really easy to carry, light and looks very stylish. It should be the summer must-have accessory.

girl on the beach

Le panier on the beach

My Panier d'Osier

My own panier d'osier


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I grew up with St. James striped polos.  The whole family had one and my favorite was the old one my grandfather wore.  I love the look of jean seberg, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn in the ’60s with cropped jeans and ballet flats.  Picasso, Coco Chanel, James Dean, so many iconic pictures, great selection of images on this page .
Now Marinieres are everywhere in every shape and fabric.  Jean Paul Gaultier never stops reinventing it even in his couture shows and they are still my favorite classics.  The softest is my linen Earnest Sewn and See by Chloe has a striped inside out sweatshirt in the resort collection. Can’t wait!

Audrey Tatou


Stripes at pool

Poolside at the Portixol


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Just arrived in Palma. The ugly doll came with me. Just need to find her a bathing suit.

Shoes and Goats

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Shooting Outside Makes You Meet New Friends.
North of LA has beautiful ranches. We shot the Jessica Simpson campaign on one of them.

Polaroids and goat

We had to fight lots of bugs and goats. They seemed to really enjoy our company.

Beauty and the Beast

Jessica is a high heels super pro. I wasn’t paying too much attention until I tried a pair. There is a little cushion right where it usually hurts after few hours on my feet. They make you really tall and should still leave you with enough money to buy something else.
Theses are coming out in July: Jessica Simpson Collection.

Minnie Mouse shoes

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Alex Takes Us Surfing

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Alexander Wang’s resort collection.
Windbreakers, dresses that look like wetsuits, totally watersport inspired…. Maybe something to do with his new line of bathing suit?
Flats or high heels. Night or day. Very versatile. Have to love it.

wetsuit dress

stripes forever


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Hotels Are the Best for Breakfast.
Chateau Marmont in LA has a very special pancake and I couldn’t resist taking a picture:



That same day we got a bunch of samples from Life Force V Energy Drink. Really! It wasn’t very good but we had to try it.

Energy drink for a good start

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Noir Et Blanc

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Or Black And White….
After all, these colors, black and white feel so right. It is the fun of fashion, going from one extreme to the other.

No more colors

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Sunday Job

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I don’t Love Working on Sundays.
But the last one was totally painless. We drove to the Yonkers and didn’t hit any traffic, arrived in a very beautiful garden where they had just cut some cedar tree so the smell was everywhere. We had lunch, shot few male dancers in tights. And that was it. Back home after a nice breath of fresh air. I should have worn my favorite item of the summer, the mini denim skirt. The girls did…. Next time….

lunch time

Lunch time

photo tools

photo tools

End of the day

End of the day

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